Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jonah's a special kid

I wanted to share the write-up I gave to Kalamity for the program.

While Jonah is not the baby in the family, he is my baby boy! Jonah is the only one of my 9 babies that I have had an experience where the veil of heaven was thin enough that I met him prior to holding him in my arms. About four weeks before I knew I was pregnant I had an amazing dream. I was sitting in an empty room holding a baby in my arms. I knew it was a baby boy because the room was filled with a beautiful and soft light blue hue. This baby was a stunning baby with a large spirit and we were having a conversation, without opening our mouths. The conversation was being spoken from my spirit to his, and I understood not only his words, but the meaning of what he was saying was being shown to me. I awoke that morning not able to remember a single word of our conversation, but I was filled with an excitement and pure joy. Tom was already at work and I couldn’t wait to call him to tell him about my miraculous dream. When I finally was able to describe my dream to him, his response was, “We are NOT having another baby!!!” I knew right then that he knew as much as I did, that we were having another baby.
            Jonah popped out with crystal blue eyes and nine lives! His life has been spared many times. It is a testament to me that he was a very valiant spirit and has an important mission while he is here on this earth. When he was 16 months old I found him at the bottom of the deep end of our swimming pool, one cold March day. When I jumped the fence to get him, I broke my leg and separated my ACL. I didn’t feel a thing, however my leg was just not working the way it was supposed to, but I still had to go another 30 feet along the pool deck, and get into the pool and get him out. He was blue/gray and not breathing when I pulled him from the water and I held him upside down between my knees and beat on his chest until he coughed and then screamed out. Once I saw he was breathing, I handed him off to his big brother to run him into the house to place in a warm tub of water to warm his ice-cold body. After our visit to the ER we learned he only suffered from bronculitis from aspirating the green pool water into his lungs and I sported a cast from my ankle to my rear in for 8 weeks.
            When he was 3 years old he contracted spinal meningitis. He was violently ill and raged with a high fever, and severe nausea and vomiting. By the time we took him to the hospital he was unable to lift his head. I have never seen a baby so sick. He emerged from the hospital, 3 days later, with no lasting effects, whole and healthy.
            When he was 7 years old a friend of our older son pulled onto the bottom of our street driving a full-sized Bronco SUV. Jonah had been riding his bike and the friend offered to let Jonah hang onto the passenger side mirror to be pulled up the street to our house. All of a sudden Jo lost control of his bike and was pulled under the SUV. As the rear tire was about to roll over Jo’s head he said he heard a voice scream at him to turn his head NOW! The tire of the Bronco rolled up his left hand, arm and shoulder, narrowly missing his head. His bone in his arm was bent and rocks had been embedded into the skin on his arm and shoulder. The rocks had to be removed by the doctor and his bone eventually straightened back out without surgery.
            When Jo turned 10 we were helping Tom inside the spray booth of his cabinet shop. It was a freezing cold day in December and Tom had a large propane heater burner heating the booth so his lacquer would dry on the cabinetry. Jonah was wearing a large flannel shirt and had backed up against the flame of the heater to warm himself. All of a sudden he commented that it was getting really warm in there and at that moment his older sister, Chandler, calmly said, “Jonah’s on fire”. Thankfully Jo had the presence of mind to run from the spray booth, but he took off in a dead run through the shop. I was running as fast as I could to catch him to smother the flames that had engulfed his entire torso and arms. He had to be scraped everyday, twice a day, for several days, and escaped with minimal 3rd degree scaring without graft surgery.
            Jonah had been home a year and a day from his full-time mission in the South Carolina, Columbia (Spanish speaking) Mission when he was in his long-boarding accident. He loved serving the Lord and he was loved for his cheery disposition, constant smile, and desire to work hard and do all that was asked of him.   
            It would appear that if Jonah were any more laid back, he’d be dead, however he is constantly looking for people who might need a friend and help. His passion to build the Dixie State University Rugby team drove him this past year, while completing his classes and working. He is a fun loving goof ball and is always up for a fun adventure. He has had opportunities to connect to the spirit and understand his relationship to his Heavenly Father, as he has experienced the situations and the trials in his life.  Jonah will make it through this injury, as he has every other challenge in his life, with the love and support of his family and friends and the healing power of our Savior Jesus Christ! I love my boy!!

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