Thursday, May 26, 2016

Support: Verb.

1. to sustain or withstand without giving way; to serve as a prop.

2. to sustain a person under trial or affliction.

3. rugby support play involves helping the ball carrier advance the position of the ball. Know what to do in open play and what to do when play breaks down (

Now that we have all had a little lesson on "Support" I would like to expand on the Rugby definition and how that applies to Everyone "supporting" Jonah.

During a Rugby match you can continually hear the crowd cheering "Support! Support!" The need for support happens when the ball carrier is brought to the ground and he puts the ball out in front of him for his teammates to ruck over and keep the ball in play. This is one of my favorite parts of a Rugby game. The play is not stopped, measured for downs, and then hiked again. 

We can compare this to our own lives. We are all in constant need of that "support" because life does not stop take a break and then start again. 

Our "teammates" are there to help us and keep our game of life going. 

The same can be applied to EVERYONE who has prayed for Jonah, fed Jonah's family, laughed and cried for Jonah, donated to Jonah for medical expenses, had kind words for Jonah's family, danced for Jonah, talked about Jonah, started a blog for Jonah, loved Jonah, cared for Jonah...I think we get the point. There is a lot of "SUPPORT" going on and it doesn't go unnoticed!!

On May 21st we gathered with Kalamity, Snow Canyon High School, and extended family of Jonah to raise money for that day when the insurance says..."Sorry that's not covered."
Local businesses, newspapers, and social media got the word out. The goal was to get people together and "support" Jonah. My family volunteered to organize the bake sale part of things. Like any other person I reached out to my circle of friends, neighbors, and family to get people baking. As the day of the event approached my doorbell rang constantly. Baked goods piled in by the hundreds. When I arrived to the event the dancers were also asked to bring a dozen baked goods. The bake sale was a huge success! We didn't have enough room for all that was donated.

Once the doors opened, one of the ladies who baked some items came in and bought her pie back for $100 dollars. She brought a neighbor who spent another $50 dollars and so it began!! Then the families of unfortunate events ( just a term for all of us SCHS families that have gone through a tragedy of some sort) started to pour in they came to support Jonah because they remembered how much help this fundraiser was for them. Not just the money but the coming together of the community for a good cause. 

We sold t-shirts, wristbands, Hungry Howies pizza, and tickets to the show. All the volunteers ran around frantically making sure everything went according to plan. Which it did!! Not only did we raise funds for Jonah, but Papa Tuttle told us how relaxing it was to just be entertained for a few hours. He expressed how overwhelmed he was to have so many people putting their talents together for Jonah.

For me the blessings didn't stop there. I arrived home and while I unloaded the car my elderly neighbors handed me money and said sorry we couldn't come. Another friend stopped by with some more cash. In the mail, a letter from Jonah's mission in South Carolina with a check in it. Then the family Mckena babysits for brought over a check. On Sunday people at church handed me money. On Monday we did some work at Ogden's carpet and they wrote us 2 checks-- one for the work we did and one for Jonah. It was so nice to take another pile of donations to Jonah's family Monday night. All I can say is THANK YOU!! Your donations may be the difference between good care and excellent care!!

Thanks again to everyone who has offered "support"! Please remember: we still have wristbands and t-shirts for sale. I have piles at my house (Send me an email

There is nothing better than pulling up to a stoplight and everyone in the car next to you is wearing a wristband. Happened twice already!!

One more tender mercy from the night of the concert. Papa Tuttle told us Jonah can point to things. He told us this picture is in Jonah's room. When he asks Jonah to point to Sam, Drake, Greg, or Muki he points to all of them by name!! 

Fight Hard Jonah! Stay strong! 
Love Mama Fish

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