Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 16

We are on day 16. First thing yesterday morning Jo received a blood transfusion. His blood count was low from the injury and his various surgeries. He dealt with minor fevers throughout the day. His swelling is slowly, but surely going down. As the day wore to a close he began to have higher blood pressures, and high heart rate. Night shift nurses stripped his bed and scrubbed it and has body down. They shaved his beautiful face. He moved his face, mouth, and legs more than He ever has since the accident. Physical therapy came in and did some "range of motion" exercises with him. He told me to move his fingers, wrists, arms, feet, toes, ankle (only his left one because of the fracture in his right one)to help with his physical therapy. 

This morning his nurse cleaned up his head and pulled the staples from his first surgery.  His scar sinks deep  into his skull (3/16 of an inch deep). His hair is growing back. His white blood cell count is higher than yesterday so they must do another round of blood cultures. Jonah's pulmonary doctor is quite pleased with his numbers on the ventilator. In a few minutes they are going disconnect his ventilator and only connect a humidifier to his trach for him to practice breathing all on his own. They will check his blood gases in a 1/2 hour to see if he is maintaining good numbers. 

-Heather Tuttle


  1. I do not know Jonah but for whatever reason, his story came across my Facebook feed and has touched me. Prayers for Jonah and his family.

  2. My prayers have been with Jonah for 16 days. No I don't know him but I know
    Taris Schramm, and his mom introduced to Jonah. I pray for his recovery and for peace to be with his parents and family.

  3. I am glad to hear that Elder Tuttle is doing well.
    Heavenly Father has heard our prayers.
    South Carolina is praying for him.

  4. Put his name on the Ogden Temple prayer roll again today. We continue to pray for him and for your family! The Arringtons