Monday, April 18, 2016

The Bout with the Winter Soldier

It's been so great seeing everyone here today. People have been in and out all day loving and supporting one another. This is the best community of friends and family anyone could have. Jonah is so strong and he has so many wonderful people praying and hoping for him. I know if he were awake he would be so grateful for all of you. 

Here is the newest update on Captain America. Jonah isn't doing to hot. He is struggling with his current blood pressure and cranial pressure. There isn't much more than that right now but remember that Jonah is a fighter. He doesn't give up. 

Why do we have trials? Why must we suffer during this life that we live? Why must someone who is so innocent and so loving have such a terrible thing happen to him? I ponder on these questions as I look at Jonah and his support group. There is so much to learn while we are here. I think about opposites and how if we don't understand something bad we can't understand the opposite of good. I reflect on things that I love and how do I really comprehend love? I have things to compare it to, such as apathy and hatred. If you would picture a rainy day you can only comprehend that it isn't something that you don't like because you have a sunny day to compare it to. I know that we are each being prepared for our future. I know that we are being blessed in a round about way. Our Heavenly Father is giving us the necessary trials to be strengthened for our future. I know that He loves us. 

Please keep praying for Jonah. Please keep hoping for Jonah. Let us join together and help the Tuttle family in anyway that we can. I hope that our eyes are opened to the blessings that will pour down upon us. Jonah is our Captain America.

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