Thursday, April 28, 2016


The past few days have been very eventful in so many ways! 
Jonah has had his ups and downs. He had quite a few procedures that have been very beneficial. He has tolerated them like a champ! 
As the days go by we are constantly reminded that Jonah is in the hands of a loving Heavenly Father. He is mindful of him and of us. He is still here and that in by it's self is a blessing!! 
I would like to take some time to talk about the countless hours and efforts to "Support" the Tuttle's that our little community is putting together. Those of us who have lived in Southern Utah long enough know that our community takes care of their own. No matter what!! In 2001 I sat on the board for the Relay for Life I had the opportunity to go to a national meeting and receive an award for the most amount of money raised per capita, St. George took 3rd in the nation. So when I say we know how to take care of each other I mean it!!
There are hundreds of t-shirts and wristbands floating around the community along with well wishers and prayers. Not to mention events that are taking place like Rugby matches, movie premiers, and Dance benefit concerts. 
I know the Tuttle's well enough to know they would much rather have everyone kneel down and mention Jonah in a prayer than take any money; however, we all know that eventually money can be the difference between good care and the BEST care. 
On behalf of those who love Jonah THANK YOU everyone everywhere for your "Support"! 
A few days ago I was looking for video of Jonah for slide shows and such. I had the chance to reminisce a little about what a kind hearted young man he is. Every picture and video you could see his love for life and for those around him. I feel as if Jonah would not want any of us to be sad or worry about him. He is going to want to have detailed conversations about what we all did while he was a sleep. Keep that in mind as you go about your day! Keep a record of thoughts and things you see or hear that you would want to share with Jonah. Sorry I sound like I'm telling everyone what to do, I just don't want him to wake-up see we are sad and try to take care of us. 
My thoughts are all over the place...These past 12 days have been the longest I've gone without seeing or talking to Jonah with the exception of his mission. (Which was another time he was in the Lord's hands)  It's been rough to park in my own driveway because everyone is at the hospital. I only had to buy 2 gallons of milk instead of 6 the last few trips to the store. It's quiet, the X-box and computers have dust on them. The big room smells good, instead of like a locker room. Leftovers are still leftover! Don't get me started on the gatorades!! 
I love that boy! I am grateful he is under the care of our Heavenly Father and his sisters and brothers.
 XoxoO~Mama Fish

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  1. Thank you for your post. You are so right about our community taking care of it's own. We live among many loving and caring people and their support is amazing. I particularly liked your insight, "I just don't want him wake- up see we are sad and try to take care of us." From all I've read about Jonah, he is that giant kind of a guy. Hugs and prayers.