Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Side Effects of the Red Skull Attack

My dad stayed in the room with Jonah last night. Not wanting to leave him, I was especially grateful to the men that grabbed some blankets and pillows to be with my dad and Jonah. I wish I had words to describe the peace given to my family knowing that no matter what, someone will always be there. 

Jonah had a rough night last night. He began to run a fever and his brain started to swell above what the doctors wanted due to over-stimulation. They took him off of his medication for two hours to see if he would wake up, but Jonah wouldn't respond. He was then officially in a non-medically induced coma. We were all so heartbroken. My mom gathered us siblings together and said that the doctors seemed to be lacking hope, so we need to hope for him. My mom was then given permission to rub some healing oils on his feet and my dad and grandpa were able to give him a blessing. Not even an hour later, Jonah's temperature dropped and the pressure on his brain began to improve. Jonah has remained stable throughout the entire day. 

Another amazing thing that did happen today was during one of his routine check-up's, Jonah firmly grabbed his nurse's arm! Him being in a coma provides his body more means to heal, so while he is already in a coma, the doctors will continue to give him medicine to keep him asleep to help him heal even more. The doctor then told us that he had done everything he could at this point, so now it's up to Jonah.  

It's funny how despite the circumstances, I continue to expect him to suddenly pop open his eyes and say, "Just kidding everyone. I'm fine!" And everything will be right with the world again. That this isn't actually happening and it's all just a bad dream. But this IS real. I can't express how helpless I sometimes feel when I look at him, but I am continually comforted by the knowledge that this is Jonah and the Lord is on his side. I know He is comforting him. I would give anything to know what Jonah is learning while he is sleeping. He has a purpose. He has a mission.  

Tonight his YSA ward, the Dixie State rugby team, and my family met at the temple to say a prayer. What an amazing experience to see and feel a portion of the love and support of so many people. My parents have been so at peace and have complete faith in God to take care of Jonah. Jonah is being so taken care of. Please continue to pray for him, these next few nights will be especially hard on him, but he will continue to improve due to the healing power of Heavenly Father and Christ. 

We love you all and can't thank you enough for everything you guys have done for our family. Keep the faith. Jonah WILL wake up.   

(Written by one of his sisters)


  1. So glad we can read up dates. We pray for him in our family prayers. When I am going about my day I stop and say a pray for all your family. I am so sorry u have to go thru this. We will keep praying. Love to you. Dale and Becky Johnson

  2. A few weeks ago our family went to St. George and ate at Golden Corral. I'm not sure if Jonah was there, but my 10 year old son noticed the Dixie Rugby team eating by us. He also observed the many trays of empty chocolate milk cartons bring taken away. He kept saying "Look how big those guys are. They must be so strong." To this my 5 year old replied " well drink lots of chocolate milk and you can be strong too".
    Stay strong. We are all praying for your family and especially for Jonah

  3. I am so thankful for these blog updates. Jonah is one of my dear friends, and my family and I have been praying for him like crazy! I've found d myself multiple times a day stopping for a moment to pray to our Father in Heaven. Jonah will wake up! He's Jonah! He has to.

  4. Love you Jonah, praying for you #rugbybrothers

  5. Love you Jonah, praying for you #rugbybrothers