Thursday, April 21, 2016

Look at How Strong Captain America is

Jonah isn't taking baby steps anymore, he is LEAPING forward and doing better than we could have hoped for. Last night the pressure in his brain stayed at a steady low number, and this morning they were able to remove the superficial drain on the right side of his head! He now has only one drain on the left side of his head. He has been off the medication that is keeping him asleep since early this morning and he is showing signs of awareness. He is moving his limbs and biting his breathing tubes, they actually had to put a kind of mouth guard in so he wont bite through the tubes. He has been reacting to touch and has even grabbed a few of his friends and families hands! 

We are all feeling so blessed. Our family has been emotional because of all the kindness from people who we know and complete strangers! It is amazing. We have all been joking about how we have hardly seen him at home, now we know what he's been doing! He has been spreading his love and friendship all over to everyone he meets. It is impossible not to love him, even when he's lying in a hospital bed filled with tubes. Everyone who gets to experience him is blessed in some way. 

I woke up this morning after my first good night of sleep since the accident and couldn't help but feel joy. I didn't really understand why until I got to the hospital and they told us the good news. It's like his spirit is communicating with all of us, letting us know that he is still doing good. Even my little 3 year old daughter (who LOVES her uncle Jonah) said "Jonah is fighting right now, but he's tough and he's winning." It's amazing how all of us feel him in different ways. 

Jonah has also received two priesthood blessings from our dad saying that he will be healed and make it through this. We have no doubts that he was speaking the truth when he said that. I feel so blessed that we are part of a church that allows us to use the full potential of the priesthood for all of our needs. We are so blessed that we have a dad who is worthy to use his priesthood to its fullness. 

Tuesday morning was by far the worst morning but it was also the first day our mom started using 
frankincense and since then he has just been getting better. The doctors said to expect him to have ups and downs but he has only been up since mom started using oils. All we can say is there is a reason the wise men brought Jesus frankincense and myrrh! They had to know the healing powers it holds. We are so blessed to live in a time that we can use modern and natural medicine. 

Right this minute all we know is, Jonah is going to make it through this and he will be a better person because of it (all of us will be). 

We love you Jo! You are #tuttlestrong #JustWakeUpJonah

(written by one of Jonah's sisters)


  1. Awesome! I loved going on exchanges with Jonah because I knew I was going to work hard the whole time. He loved being a missionary and he worked like it too! Every person I met while I was with him loved him too! te quiero Elder Tortuga!

  2. You should have a very strong will power in order to heal. Will power works better than the medications. Stronger the will power stronger you are.