Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Captain's Super Support Group

Here are some videos.



Tonight was incredible. If you were there, thank you. If you weren't there we felt your spirit as we gathered together for Jonah. We prayed, sang, and expressed our love for him. I have never seen a more incredible support group for anyone, and have never been more appreciative for loved ones. Please be strong and continue to pray for Jonah. 

Jonah's father and mother spoke a little bit about their feelings. They expressed their love and their spiritual impressions. Any help you can send them please do. They are, and have always been strong, but they need our support and help. Please don't be afraid to express yourself on this blog via comments. Leave uplifting messages for their family. Thank you all again for participating in this! #JustWakeUpJonah. 


  1. Tonight was absolutely nothing short of incredible. The unity and love felt was truly abundant. Jonah has got the best support system hands down. No doubt that the faith of all of the amazing people who were there and those in spirit tonight, will get Jonah and his family through these next few days. We love Jonah and his family and as one we will continue to support them and one another through this crazy time. So just wake up Jonah, we're cheerin'you on now and always. And like his mom said tonight, I know he can feel our love and support.. So everyone keep calling on the heavens. Jonah needs us to keep cheering. ❤️

  2. Ya know it's just incredible what one man's impact can have on so many people. That was shown last night at the temple. :) all I can say is I know Angels-on this side of the veil and the other-are sitting with our man in that hospital room. Thank the Lord for letting us in on the Plan of Salvation!!! After last night I have no doubt, everything's gonna be fine. :) #justwakeupjonah