Friday, April 29, 2016

April 29, 2016

April 27, 2016
Jonah did really well after his two surgeries until yesterday afternoon when his blood pressure began to climb. Again, the nurses fought it with medications. When I left at lunch it was 185/95. I had only been home for 30 minutes when I got a text telling me that Jonah's ICP had jumped from 12 to 30!!!! I ran back to the hospital entering his room and finding a hushed chaos of medical personnel consulting with one another. The neuro team had gone to consult with the surgeon while he was in surgery. While we waited, Tom and a nurse in the ICU gave him another blessing. Tom said when he laid his hands on his he was told, "His pressure is at a proper level for healing." We looked at each other and then at the monitor which read "32" now and said, "Alright, the Lord knows". Within another few minutes his doctor came into the room. He took in Jonah's stats and turned to me and said he would like to place a "bolt". A bolt is drilled into Jonah's skull, it has a probe which sits just inside the brain and is one of the most accurate measuring devices for brain pressure. His doctor began explaining the potential complications of the procedure and then he then told me that "all other things can look like they are doing well, however if his lungs stop working, he's done. If his lungs stop doing what we need them to do he will be done." Immediately I thought, "I bind those words in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ". I was then excused to wait in the waiting room for the "10 minute" procedure. After 30 minutes his wonderful nurse came out to give us an update. In another 25 minutes we were able to come back in to see him. His nurse was excited to show us the new ICP number. The screen showed a beautiful "8" in its window, "a proper level of pressure for healing". Jo rallied through the rest of the afternoon. In the evening his doctor came in to see him. He again explained to me how critically sick Jonah is. He told me, " His trach is temporary, but could become permanent. His feeding tube is temporary, but could become permanent. The shunt in his brain is temporary, but could become permanent with surgery. This may be as good as it gets for Jonah." I was done!!!! I am not crazy. I am pretty intelligent and I understand that this can get pretty bad, however I know what Tom and I have been told by the Lord and I am standing on that!! I will ride out this marathon with Jonah!

April 28, 2016
Oh it has been a difficult and scary afternoon with yet one more person coming in to tell me that maybe God's will is to take Jo and I need to accept His will. I finally left and went home to pray in quiet and solitude. I poured my soul out to the Lord telling him that I want what He wants because I know His plan is greater and more perfect than mine, and I felt that he had told me that Jo would live and if this were right to please bless his organs to work according to the way God intended them to. I was just so beside myself with heartache. When I got home, I opened the door to a package on the floor addressed to Tom and I. I opened it and there was a book. The title was my answer from my Father in Heaven; the book is called "It Is Better To Look Up". I was filled with peace instantly!!!!   I find that the thought that is most consistently running through my mind each day is, "I love my boy so much!"#justwakeupjonah

-Heather Tuttle


  1. Tom and Jonah were our home teachers in the Santa Clara 4th ward. We were so very saddened to hear about Jonah's accident. We pray for him every day and will continue to do so. Heather, your faith is amazing and beautiful. May the Lord "strengthen thee, help thee and cause thee to stand". --Aaron and Erin Smith

  2. Thinking of you all, blessings blessings blessings millions of times over.