Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Another Perspective from the Day of the Attack

Everyone was in the back yard enjoying the Sunday afternoon, as a family like always, when the call came in. I happened to be in the house at the time and was unaware of the situation until a frantic Heather Tuttle came rushing in, full of fear, anxiety, and unimaginable emotions. Little Heather Sage was with her and was able to get out through her sobs Jonah....long boarding....being life lighted. I knew that was as clear as it was going to get and didn’t need to ask any questions to know that it was serious. 

As Heather Tuttle worked in a lost rush to prepare to head to the hospital, she kept saying, “What does that mean?”.  As she has mentioned, the unknown is what tortures her the most and at this point there was a lot of unknowns. Her fear and anxiety for Jonah were that similar to extreme physical pain, the kind where a person would much rather be experiencing excruciating pain themselves (that would be easier) than the worry and emotions for the ones they love.

I sat there stunned, unsure of what that could mean. What do they life light people for? Given the Tuttle family’s track record I decided he just had to be broken all over, and in lot of pain.

I can’t count the impossible-to-keep-track-of, serious incidents that have occurred in the Tuttle family. I’ve seen everyone with a cast on, sometimes two at a time, or one right after the other (on the same individual).  I’ve watched them limp around on boots, crutches or various support devices, requiring patients and long suffering. The injuries are truly endless, from many broken and also dissolving bones, bad organs, shop injuries, major surgeries, severe burns, hospitalizations for serious illnesses and many more random unfortunate sucky things. It seems the trial of (not-so-much) choice for the Tuttle’s is physical affliction. They get broken, but they always make it through and this was my thought as I wondered about Jonah.

While I can’t keep track of the incidents there is one person who does. Heather has been there for all of it, hearing her stories is just crazy. You really can’t believe what she has been through rushing to her children’s aide. Jonah drowned in a pool when he was only 18 months old and Heather saved him, breaking her leg jumping a fence in the process. Jonah also had the unfortunate experience of catching on fire! Another event Heather was there to rush to his aide.  How many people can say they have survived both of these things? This was another thought that came to my mind that Sunday. Crazy things happen, but they are always ok.
When we got the news that it was his head....... that he fractured his skull. This was a new ball bark for the Tuttle’s, a new arena of unknown. This week has been so rough with ups and downs and emotions all over the place. Hope is high, faith is good, family is close, doctors are under assuring as usual. I’ve had my own breakdowns where I find myself grieving Jonah, but then I realize he is still here.  There is still hope.  Earlier on the day of the accident I had watched a session of General Conference I had missed and there were some talks that were sticking with me throughout this week.  This is a trial – a form of opposition, for Jonah, for his family. From one of the talks that has been on my mind there is this, “Opposition in the form of difficult circumstances we face in mortality is also part of the plan that furthers our growth in mortality. All of us experience various kinds of opposition that test us. Some of these tests are temptations to sin. Some are mortal challenges apart from personal sin. Some are very great. Some are minor. Some are continuous, and some are mere episodes. None of us is exempt. Opposition permits us to grow toward what our Heavenly Father would have us become.” Opposition in All Things, By Elder Dallin H. Oaks.
As we receive bad news, I focus on the fact that we know he will be cycling through this and most important that the fight is not over. As long as he is with us, there is hope. I believe there have been more than enough prayers and faith for a miracle.  I keep thinking something and I don’t like saying it because I don’t want to upset anyone, so if it does --- just ignore it! This thought is my own.......but I wonder if the choice will be Jonah’s........ to use his agency to accept this trial and all that will come with it (who knows), or to move on with a perfect knowledge to greater things than mortality. I know that with that perfect knowledge comes a perfect understanding of eternity, more than we can comprehend, which erases grief.   The other talk that has been on my mind was And There Shall Be No More Death By Elder Paul V. Johnson. Which is just a very beautiful and emotional talk.
Jonah is still here and he is fighting! I love him and his family so much and have been so blessed to be a part of it. We have to be strong and not let fear in, but let the Comforter be with us and Jonah. I am not grieving him because I have hope that he will wake up. Just wake up Jonah!

(Written by Jonah's Sister in Law) 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I know that it was terrifying for Heather, as I have lived that very same moment when a son of mine had a serious accident that resulted in a TBI. He too was Life Flighted to the hospital.
    Heather truly is a warrior mother, as you discribes so many instances that she has rushed to the life saving aid of one of her children.
    I know that the angles are protecting Jonah and upholding Tom and Heather, as they go through this trial.
    Praying for continued miracles for Jonah and strength for his parents.