Thursday, April 21, 2016

Another One from the Incredible Tuttle Family

I had to journal my thoughts and dreams this morning!! All night the chorus of a song was going through my head. "Through the struggle and darkest day, I remember the empty grave!"
Last night as I was getting ready to go to sleep, Jon and I read scriptures and said our prayers. All I kept thinking was ' I want to have a dream or something showing me what's going on with Jonah.' Now this is not something I usually do because I am so terrified of, well I have no idea what I'm so terrified of, maybe just that I'm not worthy! Well last night I had the most amazing dream!! Jesus was sitting with Jonah (both of them sitting on those chairs in his room!) they were talking and laughing and Jonah was so at peace! It wasn't irreverent or out of control laughter, it was just peaceful! It was so bright in the room!! While I'm writing this I can feel the feelings I had watching this!!! Now that I'm awake I keep having the thought 'it's so amazing the our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, care and love Jonah. And each of us. And for a few minutes Jesus was just sitting with Jonah! To comfort and bless him and not only him, but all of us!! I can see every day all of the tender mercies the Lord is blessing us with! I am so very grateful for the family (including all of these amazing friends!) that God has blessed us with!!! God is good!!!

(Written by one of Jonah's sisters)

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  1. Well you need not to worry too much about it and get to think about some good things to clean up your mind. Remember them in your prayers and that's enough for them.