Monday, April 18, 2016

An Update on Captain America

Today has been filled with so many tender mercies and small moments of comfort that only Heaven Himself could have given us. This morning, though, started out being filled with unsettling, painful, and discouraging news. The doctors tried taking Jonah off of his pain medication to wake him up, but he wasn't responding. Sitting on the edge of their bed, my parents scrunched together to hear the news from the doctor; Jonah would have to have another surgery. The swelling of his brain wasn't subsiding and they needed to drain some of the fluid to give his brain more room to expand without further damage. They drilled a new, pencil-sized hole through his skull and inserted a bright orange tube through his brain to remove the fluid. Thankfully, it was a quick procedure and Jonah was stabilized.

Throughout the day, the pressure on his brain went down and he began to respond to pain by shedding small tears and was even able to softly cry out. At one point, Jonah's mission president for the first half of his LDS mission visited him. When he and my parents entered Jonah's room, my mom carefully squeezed Jonah's hand and said, "Jonah, President Holmes is here." And Jonah's whole body jumped. 

I firmly believe that because of the love, prayers, and concern that so many of you have shown him and our family helped get Jonah to the place he is now. Jonah's favorite thing is to bring people together, and even though this is such a scary and emotional roller-coaster, I know Jonah has been able to feel all of his champions come together to help him through this. 

We are being so watched over and we can't thank you all enough for all you have done for our family. Please keep him in your prayers. I know each plea to Heavenly Father is being heard. He has a plan for Jonah. 

I know Jonah is going to be okay. We all know. It's Jonah. He's the boy with 9 lives. 

(Written by his sister)

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